Bahrain’s culture

Bahrain’s culture

This is the next posting by us about Bahrain’s cultures. Bahrain, officially the Kingdom of Bahrain is a small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. It is an archipelago, with the largest island being Bahrain Island at 55 km long by 18 km wide.

Bahrain is a Muslim country, so people generally dress conservatively.  However, Bahrain has always been open society so it is generally very tolerant provided that you are respectful.  In general, Bahraini’s love to dress up.  So try to look as good as possible wherever you go.  Clothes must always be ironed!

Use this as a general guide:


Mosques:  No shorts.  Clean clothing.  No sleeveless tops.  Shoes are not allowed when your in the mosque.  Make sure you smell good but nothing overpowering (just shower and wear deodrant.)  Talk quietly when you’re there.

Traditional Areas:  For the central market clothes can be less formal.  Make sure you don’t wear something too nice because it might get dirty.  For everywhere else see malls and restaurants. 

Malls and Restaurants:  No shorts.  Make sure you look good.  Messy clothes are a big no.

Beach:  Shorts okay.  No speedos

Private Homes:  Unless ur invited to an informal garden party or a pool party then don’t wear shorts and dress up.


Mosques:  Hair, arms and legs must be covered.  Loose clothing required.  No shoes allowed inside the mosque

Traditional Areas – Souq, villages, central market, etc.:  Skirts should be below the knee but long skirts and pants are preferable.  Short sleeve to long sleeve tops preferable.  No spaghetti strap tops and no cleavage. 

Malls – Seef mall, A’ali mall, dana mall, bahrain mall etc.:  Skirts below the knee.  Short sleeves.  No spaghetti strap tops and no cleavage.  Malls are usually crowded and people from all walks of life are there.  You can wear whatever you want but the more you show, the more guys will stare, so its best to cover up.  In the mornings though, when there are less people, you can wear slightly less conservative clothing.  People are usually dressed up at malls. 



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