The culture of Barbados

The culture of Barbados

This is the next posting by us about The cultures of Barbados. Barbados is a sovereign island country in the Lesser Antilles. It is 34 kilometres in length and up to 23 kilometres in width, covering an area of 431 square kilometres.

A former British Colony and a member of the Commonwealth, Barbados is an island with a dual heritage. England is evident in the architecture found in Bridgetown, the many Anglican churches, and the horse racing on a Saturday, but the lifestyle of the people is truly West Indian. This is demonstrated daily in its music, dance and cuisine.

Barbados is made special by its people. Bajans mostly of African decent are some of the friendliest West Indians, whether at a roadside food stall selling the local delicacy ‘Flying Fish’ or in a rum shop for a game of dominoes, the Bajans will give you the warmest welcome. The locals are always ready to fill you in on the latest island news or simply give you their view on how to put the world to rights. You will soon switch in to their sense of humor, one certainty they will keep you laughing for hours.



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