The Unique Cultures of Finland

The Uniique Cultures of Finland

Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is a Nordic country situated in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe.

Culture in Finland

Finnish cultural life is very lively and active compared to the size of the country. According to statistics, the most common hobbies of Finns are choir singing and jogging. Finland is the promised land of festivals. They run all year round in every style, size and location from grand scale international Savonlinna Opera Festival organized in a medieval castle to small neighborhood activities.

The structures, organization, networks and funding in culture and arts are very well developed. Practically every Finnish city has a municipality theatre, every bigger city has their city orchestra, every town has minimum of one public library and one Adult academy, art school or alike to provide teaching in visual arts, crafts and music with a national curriculum. All year round, but specifically in summer time, several high quality music, arts and dance courses are organized around the country. There are thousands of associations and groups of professional, semi-professional and amateur culture lovers working paid or voluntarily for their area of interest.

The whole cultural life is heavily subsidized by the state and municipalities resulting relatively cheap admission costs to attend to concerts, theatre, dance classes, festivals etc. In addition, there are plenty of private foundations, associations and federations supporting both professional and amateur culture, arts and education.

Children´s culture in Finland is one of the most developed in the world. E.g. one of the three existing schools of architecture for children in the world is ARKKI in Helsinki. Taikalamppu is a network of culture centres for children and youth in Finland. There are also several children’s festivals focused in literature, movies, theatre and so on. Basic education in arts is very well developed and accessible all over the country, and it has proven its effectiveness in producing surprising number of world class musicians, singers and conductors  compared to the small size of the nation.

Social, community and environment arts are a field growing strongly at the moment. Most of the state or municipality founded culture organizations are expected to serve also children, elderly people and people with special needs. At the same time, there are many associations and individual artists working specifically in this field.



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